Changan Showroom
Saturday, 23rd September 2023


Changan CS35 is a fasionable and comfortable compact SUV designed with passion to achieve high-quality driving experience. Changan's very own 1.6L Blue Core aluminum engine is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as DVVT, DOHC, low friction, light-weighted and STT. The combination of these technologies enhances fuel economy and produces lower CO2 emission. In addition, the full range of noise reduction technologies create a quiet and enjoyable travelling experience with interior idling noise as low as 38.5 db. The interior accompanied the wrapped seats are designed according to sport ergonomic specification to provide full support to the driver and passengers' waist, back and legs. Apart of comfort, this model also offers cutting edge safety protection such as TRW Brake System, Bosch's ABS IX, BAS Braking Assistant Device, side airbags, speed sensitive wipers, pretentioner and 4 disc brakes. Lastly, with more than 30 storage compartments in CS35, this model ensures verstility to meet all your travel requirements.

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