The Changan Difference
Tuesday, 28th November 2023
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Changan R&D

Changan has spent over RMB 35 billion yuan for the last 10 years in establishing laboratories in 14 fields such as intensity test, vibration noise, collision safety, etc. On average, its annual R&D investment over the years account for 5% of its annual sales income. Changan has made a series of achievements and among 286 core technical fields acknowledged in the auto industry, it has mastered 262 and owned all test and verification capabilities except wind tunnel test.

Changan has also established R&D centres in Turin of Italy, Yokohama of Japan, Nottingham of the UK, Detroit of the US, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin. The global R&D capability of Changan is reflected in its achievements; Changan Eado obtained 5 stars for safety collision and became the only domestic brand car obtained 5-star safety assessment of C-NCAP among 6 car types to participate the assessment this time.

1. Changan R&D Design Centre, Turin, Italy
2. Changan Chassis R&D Centre, Detroit USA
3. Changan R&D Centre, Nottingham, UK (Powertrain Development)
4. Changan R&D Centre, Yokohama, Japan (Interior and Exterior Trimming)