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Saturday, 23rd September 2023
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Changan Concept Cars

Sense Car

Drawing inspiration from the design of the D-class sedan, this vehicle's exterior emphasize on the usage of flowing subtle lines that reveal generous curves and fine detailing. The combination of sensual curves and taut lines creates a body line that.

Changan Clover

CLOVER's unique thermal management system ensures that internal components are constantly operating at optimal temperature, allowing the vehicle to operate with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Green-i Electric Concept Car

Changan Green-i electric concept car is the proud representative of Changan's commitment to renewable energy, featuring a 10 minutes quick charge capability.

SUV Concept Car

A compact two-door SUV designed to reflect the vibrancy and creativity of the youths today. The vehicle adopts a bold and sporty design and the gull-wing doors is that represent the innovative efforts that has been devoted in the conceptualization of the vehicle.