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Tuesday, 28th November 2023
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Since its inception in 1862, Changan Automobile has developed a diversified mix of products ranging from passenger cars to commercial vehicles. The company is one of the early starters of Chinese automotive industry and today its vehicles are sold in over 90 countries worldwide.

Changan Automobile has a total of 13 vehicle and engine factories, distributed across China, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria and Malaysia. This combination of plants is capable of producing 2 million vehicles annually to maintain the global demand for its vehicles. It also owns research and development facilities located in China, Italy, Japan, England, and United State to co-develop state-of-the-art technology and design for its product range. It is the first amongst Chinese brand to launch industrialized hybrid car. In addition, it also developed the first electric car to achieve 5-star safety standard setting a new industry benchmark.

Apart from producing vehicle for its own brand, Changan Automobile also established strategic partnership with Suzuki, Ford and Mazda. These joint-ventures enable it to acquire technology and produce models such as Suzuki Swift, Ford Focus and Mazda 2 for domestic market in China.

Today, Changan Automobile is listed among the Top 20 listed companies in China and ranked 17th in world motor vehicle production. The company owns assets worth approximately 11 billion USD and employs nearly 50,000 employees worldwide.

Brand Philosophy

Innovation with Care

Technology Innovation is the key to establishing Changan's long term core competiveness in the industry as well as achieving its goal to become the leading automotive corporation in the industry. Changan Automobile actively engage in global-scale research and talent recruitment to ameliorate its innovation capacity to advance toward its goal. Key aspects of its innovation strategy includes developing energy saving technology, enhancing product quality and creating cutting edge design to meet high global market expectation.

In unison with innovation, environmental and customer care are paramount to the brand value of Changan. It holds its corporate social responsibility at the highest regards and is actively engaging key communities to promote green consumerism and charity donations. In addition, it is dedicated to providing its global customer with the highest quality, user-friendly and cost effective products that comes with superior customer service.

Changan believe that these values complement each other and forms the unique core of Changan Automobiles brand value and it will continue striving to establish itself as a leading automotive brand in the global market.